Moosemaster D Moose Meier’s Civilization 4

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Title: Moose Meier’s Civilization 4
Team: Team Bacon, Ayurvedic Moose
Date: 2/9/13
Notes: Non-military units include settlers used to found cities; workers and work boats used to improve land and water spaces, respectively; spies which are invisible to others and can perform covert operations in opposing cities; and flexible humans that can spread yoga in a target city.

2 comments to “Moose Meier’s Civilization 4”

  1. Comment by anon:

    This year is so sad. I can’t believe NOBODY else seems to be playing. Sigh.

    Very clever on the Civ moosing.

  2. Comment by Moosemaster D:

    I know, at first I thought it would be sad, but it’s actually awesome. Back 2 basics, just roommates drinking in public every day because it’s February.